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Common Sense And Home Security Systems To Protect Your Family

3718008A burglary takes place every 15.4 seconds. That is why so many people are investing in home security systems and home alarm systems. Neighborhood watch programs, large families, and defensive weapons do not ensure that your home is protected 24 hours a day. By choosing safe, reliable home alarm systems and by following a few common sense security tips, you will be well on your way to protecting your family and belongings from hostile intruders.



Fire Prevention Tips

fire“Each year in NSW some residents encounter difficulties escaping from fires within their home due to security measures and may even perish as a result of the delay. We recommend a balance between home security and home safety. It is important to be able to lock intruders out, yet in the case of fire, just as important not to lock you or your family in.” - NSW Fire Brigade

  • Every house or Business should have an adequate number of approved (AS3786) working smoke alarms installed that are tested regularly.
  • There should be smoke alarms on every level of your home or business.
  • Know two safe ways out of every room - remember, every second count.
  • Draw your escape plan on paper and discuss and practice the plan with your family or work colleagues
  • Make sure each and every window and door can be quickly opened if and when require.
  • Make sure keys to all locked doors are readily accessible.
  • Being physically impaired or frail due to advanced age can significantly affect your ability to survive if unfortunate enough to be caught in a home fire.
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