67% of Australian Residents Support Community Surveillance

Secure Homes report surveyed 2000 homeowners and renters in both metropolitan and regional Australia, 67% of Australian residents feel that security cameras are an effective crime deterrent in the community.

Of those surveyed, 23% believe that crime is a problem in their local area with 30% reporting that they had been the victim of a break-in.

Community and public surveillance has received much attention recently with critics debating whether public video surveillance is an imposition on privacy. However, our research shows that most residents are in favour of community surveillance with many citing they would like local councils to increase security in public areas such as parks, shopping areas and other community facilities.

Motivations for investment in electronic security

In recent years, law enforcement agencies in the US and many European countries have been turning to CCTV surveillance to enhance public security. It is also an emerging tool for law enforcement and security agencies in Australia.

Article source: Security Insider Aug/Sep 2012


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