Common Sense And Home Security Systems To Protect Your Family

3718008A burglary takes place every 15.4 seconds. That is why so many people are investing in home security systems and home alarm systems. Neighborhood watch programs, large families, and defensive weapons do not ensure that your home is protected 24 hours a day. By choosing safe, reliable home alarm systems and by following a few common sense security tips, you will be well on your way to protecting your family and belongings from hostile intruders.

1. Common Sense Security Tips

Common sense goes a long way in protecting your family and home from intruders. With some simple changes to your doors, landscaping and outdoor lighting, potential burglars may be deterred by the hindrances.

Doors: Since most break-ins transpire through doors, home security begins with sturdy doors and frames and well-built locks that have the ability to resist a blistering physical assault. Deadlocks, multiple locks, and security doors are effective additions to sound doors, frames, and locks; however, they are just as effective in keeping you and your family locked in your own home. Always make sure that keys to all of your safety measures are easily accessible to everyone in your household in case of a natural disaster or a home fire.

Landscaping: Other security measures include landscaping, fences and gates which are helpful in defining property boundaries and restricting access to property. Trees and shrubs are lovely accents to any home; however, they can pose a security risk if they arenít trimmed. Overgrowth provides hiding places for potential intruders and decreases visibility to and from a street.

Lighting: Flood lights are an excellent addition to well trimmed landscapes. There is no replacement for a good porch light, and outdoor motion flood lights should be used to cover the outside of your home. Burglars are deterred from areas where their actions are visible to others. Other great security additions are fences and gates.

2. Home Security Systems

Ensuring that you have good locks and sturdy doors, windows, and frames is a great first line of defense; however, these actions alone will not protect your family from a determined intruder. Adding home alarm systems will enhance your common sense applications.

Alarm System: Home Alarm systems can be used to enhance the physical security of your home. A home alarm system should be designed and installed to provide maximum coverage of the home and garage. Research has shown that a monitored home alarm system is far more affective as it alerts your security of intrusions. It is very important to regularly check the battery and test the system.

CCTV: Closed circuit television systems are another great addition to your home defense plans. CCTV cameras are excellent for identification of people involved in criminal behaviour. They can be installed on the inside and outside of your home and are ideal for monitoring areas that are less frequently used or are out of your natural line of sight.


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