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67% of Australian Residents Support Community Surveillance

Secure Homes report surveyed 2000 homeowners and renters in both metropolitan and regional Australia, 67% of Australian residents feel that security cameras are an effective crime deterrent in the community.

Of those surveyed, 23% believe that crime is a problem in their local area with 30% reporting that they had been the victim of a break-in.


Understanding how offendors think: The case of shoplifters

It is something of a conundrum that security professionals, geared to assessing risk, have placed so little emphasis on understanding the behaviour of offenders. They are not alone, criminologists who focus on different aspects of crime, have paid limited attention to the ways different types of offenders make decisions and the things that influence them. If we have not sought to properly understand how offenders think, how they react to the threat posed by different security measures, and the skills sets and resources they need to employ to circumvent them, then should we really be surprised that we are often not successful at preventing crime?


Today Tonight - Home Movies, Security Cameras capturing break ins

Today Tonight reports on the use of security cameras to capture teenagers breaking into a home


Today Tonight - Slip and Sue Epidemic, Security cameras capturing those cheating the system

The number of people slipping over then suing is reaching epidemic proportions.

Today Tonight reports on the use of surveillance cameras to catch those cheating the system.


Break In Figures - As reported on 7 News June 22nd 2011

Seven News has reported the latest figures for home break-ins across Sydney, showing who's safe, and who's not.

Click here to download the NSW Recorded Crime Statistics April 2008 to March 2011


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