Lone Worker Safety: Personal Protection / Locator

"You're not on your own"

With changes to Workplace Health and Safety laws, it has become imperative that employers provide effective support to staff working remotely or on their own. This may mean providing a device that can generate an alert with accurate location details.

personal locator

At risk occupations

Animal Management workers; Child Safety workers; Nursing staff in remote communities; Housing department staff ; Ambulance crews; Police officers away from their vehicles; Mental Health workers; Social Workers; Parking enforcement officers; Lone real estate agents; Mobile bankers and home lenders; Aged Care workers; Road and Rail Track workers; Remote Oil & Gas, resource and mining; any workers working alone or in isolation.

Personal Protection / Locator

(& $15pw for 24/7 Monitoring)

Includes Free carry pouch Ė value $60.00

personal locator

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By deploying the right technology you can:

  • Remove the need for work to be done in pairs
  • Be immediately aware of a situation and the location
  • Comply with Workplace Health and Safety legislation
  • Have access to detailed historic location reports for verification and compliance purposes
  • Improve worker satisfaction
  • Reduce compensation claims
  • Integrate with 24/7 security monitoring for added support

Solution 844 Downloads: Brochure 1, Brochure 2

The Personal Locator from Smartrak is a compact, rugged device with a dedicated central button which transmits an emergency alert when pressed. The alarm is displayed on the monitoring console with the map view and location details of the field worker. Emergency alert text messages and emails are also sent automatically to your response team, shaving vital minutes off their mobilisation time.

personal locator

About the Personal Locator

  • Rugged water resistant casing
  • Telstra Next G capable
  • Satellite Link with in-vehicle satellite modem for near 100% coverage (subject to transmission restrictions)
  • Assisted GPS module for location accuracy
  • Long battery life
  • Dedicated central SOS button
  • Safety Check-in / Check-out option
  • Rapid frequency emergency tracking for detailed location information
  • Full tracking option with Smartrak's Fleet Management
  • Discrete vibration confirmation
  • GPS position of the device when used as remote "pendant"

Personal Locator Satellite Link

In areas outside cellular coverage

Access to both Cellular and Iridium satellite networks with in-vehicle duress trigger as well as remote alarm capability.

When paired with your vehicles satellite terminal, the Personal Locator will provide full location details for the person in duress.

Transmission via Radio Frequency (RF) means an alarm can be triggered from indoors (essential for satellite only locations)

personal locator
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