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Whether itís CCTV equipment, listening devices, security equipment, tracking or anti-theft devices, we have an extensive range of high-tech equipment to safeguard your family, business and possessions.

If itís worth owning itís worth protecting.

Access Control

access controlDo you need a higher level of security?

A card access system, or Biometrics system (with finger print/eye scan capability), allows you to monitor and restrict the movement of employees and clients by creating 24 hour restrictions or grant temporary or full access. This is controlled through a windows based software system, fully integrated with your alarm system.

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Alarm Systems

alarm systemsDo you need to safeguard your business, family and possessions?

According to statistics, homes or businesses without alarm systems are three times more likely to be broken into than ones that do.  So why not install a reliable, affordable state of the art alarm system today. Our alarm systems range from simple and effective home alarms to sophisticated and unsurpassed business alarms for even the most endearing high end / risk business.

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Back to Base Monitoring

back to base monitoringDo you need 24/7 monitoring of your property?

Our Grade 1 monitoring station provides 24/7 monitoring, ensuring prompt and effective responses to activated alarm or duress systems.

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Camera Systems

camera systemsDo you need to monitor the most important areas of your business?

A Video Surveillance system will provide you with a deterant to shoplifters, savings on insurance and stock loss, employee safety and legal protection.

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Risk Management

risk management

Do you need a security system optimised to your needs and budget?

We can design an integratedand electronic security solution just for you. Our experts will work closely with you to pinpoint security risks, set your goals and help you choose the right security solution to mitigate your risks.

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